Tobacco Jars & Honey Pots

IMG_5703Dear Readers,

It was a humid day and I had just spent the morning tearing down a free fence from a strangers yard “for the wood”. My spirits were up, energy levels were down and I was on my way home when I suddenly caught wind of a few sizeable country garages sales.

The first sale made me real angry as the man wanted WAY to much for everything whereas the second sale was pure honey.

I got two of these trendy Vintage Honey Pots which are Handmade Moira Made in England Stoneware for $1 each. This company made jars and pots for not only sweet honey but pickles, jams, relish as well as other delightful things. The company (Moira) started making jam jars in around 1922 and went on to make more intricate pottery pieces. You can sell these pots for between $19-$40 and I have seen them sell for even higher to an excited buyer -BEEAUTIFUL.IMG_5704

It must be my month for all things with lids!

I decided to get up early last Saturday and visit the Annual Glebe Garage Sale – a big crowded sale held in what I will call a fancy part of town where property taxes (per year) can run you the price of a nicer used car.

I usually do not have good luck at the sale with finding hidden gems (at a reasonable price) but this year managed to snag this funky Porcelain Smoking Pipe Tobacco Jar featuring neat cigar imagery all over it for $5.

The man I bought the jar from was very friendly and said “I hope you don’t pick up a new addiction” I told him it was too late…hahaha since I picked up another vintage item. I will cherish this forever and will definitely put something in it, maybe some tobacco?

IMG_5705Tobacco jars have a rich history and can sometimes be known as a humidor jar. Humidor means any kind of room or box allowing for constant humidity -primarily used to store cigarettes, cigars or some pipe tobacco. The sale price of these jars depends on the jar but generally ranges from $25 to a whopping $200. I am on the hunt next for a jar with a pipe holder on it.

Jean Nicot introduced tobacco in approximately the year 1560 to France, the word nicotine derived from his name. With this being said hints of tobacco and pipes were found along with Egyptian mummies. Between 2000BC and the 1920’s pipe use was in play. For the first time in years the other day I saw a guy walking on a downtown street with a pipe in his mouth, interesting how much times have changed.

One thing that doesn’t change is rare items capture our hearts. Get your hands on these short and stout statement pieces and you won’t bee disappointed.





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