Opened or Closed? The door knob in all its glory.

IMG_5396Sometimes it’s the smaller things that catch our eyes, tug at our heart strings and open our pocket books.

It was super early, so early in fact I still saw the mornings mist on the ground. I had perked myself up with a coffee and became alerted by a shimmering article in the distance.

It was a singular door knob for sale. I picked it up for $2 and still do not know where to put it but it will find a home in my old house soon.

It wasn’t until the mid 1820’s when glass started to take shape and moulds were used to turn glass into neat shapes and objects, like door handles.IMG_5397

By the early 1920’s glass door knobs became all the rage, they were “HOT”. Crystal was also used during this time to make elegant door knobs. For some reason (unbeknownst to me) they were replaced by the metals again sometime in the 1950’s.

If you look into the history books it was actually said that glass handles became popular due to the fact that during the time of war there was a shortage of metal.

Glass is also very durable which made it a large contender when it came to household goods. Crystal surpasses the longevity of glass due to the added lead oxide, you can feel the added weight when holding a crystal door knob. Overall they are both great a standing the test of time.

IMG_5401If you are trying to tell the difference between a glass and crystal knob keep in mind if it is clearer, very reflective of light (hence brighter) and heavier yet more delicate, you likely have a crystal knob in your hands.

Speaking of in your hands, these home décor pieces are quite the “in thing” these days and are very sought after. If you see some kicking around a yard sale do not hesitate to pick them up. You can sell them for more or use them in your own place. I guarantee they will start a conversation.

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