Springtime and the side of the road

IMG_5357Spring cleaning – a suggested time of the year and activity whereby humans clean up their homes and toss out “their trash” and other people hopefully give what can be salvaged a new life.

I think my little words above are more of a dream of mine- what I would like to see. Most of the time perfectly good things get thrown out completely making their way to the landfill prematurely when they are in a good enough condition to be reused.

Giving stuff to second hand stores, a friend or leaving them [or it] at your curbside a day or two [at least] before your garbage pick-up day is definitely the way to go.

On my way to get groceries today I spotted some furniture on the side of the road a few minutes up the street. I left the coffee table and night table for someone else but snagged this wonderful solid dresser. Clean lines, rich details and storage all in one piece.

I wanted you guys to check out the superb detailing on this dresser so I took a few photos.IMG_5359

If there is something I like more than chocolate it is when other people spring clean and toss out their trash that can be turned into a treasure with a little bit of TLC and elbow grease. This dresser needs a good wipe but other than then that it is good to go.

IMG_5356I am going to take a close look at it tomorrow to determine age, furniture style etc. Right now all I have to go off is the 315 stamp on the back.

Looking at something and need some help determining if it is real of fake check out my tips of how to tell if it is antique.

Don’t forget that your trash may be someone else’s treasure.

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