A Ring is more than a thing






IMG_5353Rings have been around for ages and symbolize many different things to many different people. For me personally, I like the way it feels to have one on my finger and enjoy looking down at something pretty when I type for countless hours on end.

Rings used to be mainly made of metals but nowadays they are commonly found made up of wood, glass, plastic, bone and the list goes on.

The act of giving and receiving rings dates back to over 6,000 years ago and the inventor is unknown. What is known is that the popularity of wearing rings will likely not go away anytime soon.

Remember those Mood rings you used to get for fun? I used to believe they were true and detected my mood even though some would say they are just a little bit of novelty that was created in 1975 and stuck around.

What about Class (School) rings or Sports (Championship) rings, I am curious to know how many of these still exist and are given out annually.

Then there is the sophisticated Cocktail ring which made its appearance in the 1920’s and the meaningful Claddagh ring, an Irish friendship, engagement or courtship ring which came to light in the 17th century. This ring stands for love and loyalty amongst other things.

It is amazing how many kinds of rings are part of our everyday wear; the birthstone ring, promise ring, engagement ring, wedding ring or plain old costume cocktail ring which is what I favour. I am actually on the lookout for a citrine vintage ring to replace my flower ring [photo above].

I challenge you to stare down at your ring or put one on and think to yourself [or about] what the ring really means to you.

What sparked this blog post today was a news story I heard yesterday morning on an Islamic ring in a Viking grave that shed new light on ancient ties. The full story was provided by CNN here.




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