Extra Extra – The Gallery California Antiques Newspaper Circa 1970’s

IMG_5293It was an early Saturday morning a few weeks back and I made a late appearance to an estate sale. It had been worked over by many “jobbers” and the hallway outside of the apartment was full of already claimed antique objects including a strapping trunk ready for take-off to a nearby vehicle.

Instead of being disappointed I decided today would be a vintage clothing kind of day and made my way to the bedrooms. One bedroom was full of this and that and I found a box stuffed with odds and sods. I pulled out a newspaper and began reading. It was titled, The Gallery No. California Antiques and dated Volume 1. No.1 Fall 1970.

I was amazed by the simplicity of the newspaper and starred in awe of the printing and design, having went to college many years ago and studied print media [where you learn how to print newspaper from scratch] this kind of thing really appealed to me. The fact that it was an antique paper was a bonus.

IMG_5295When I got home that day, after being rear ended by someone at a gas station when I was parked [don’t ask me how this happened] I thought to research this newspaper and get some history on it. Sadly not much was easily found without subscribing to several newspaper history archive websites.

The publisher and president of it was written as Russell R. Goebel and it states copyright Competition Press Inc.IMG_5294

Over the next few months I will be sharing tidbits from the articles within this illuminating print including but not limited to; One Mans’ Bottles, Lachryma Montis a story of the home of General M.G Vallejo and Imari a stunning narrative about one of the most interesting and captivating porcelain collectibles.

I received a big box in the mail today and will be starting my appraisal courses as well this week so stay tuned for a boat load of information on antiques and collectibles.

Jobber: What I call a person who buys and sells antiques or collectibles for a living.



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