Searching & picking in the moment – Metcalfe Early Morning Findings

To be a great picker you need to be mentally and physically living in the present- seeing and thinking in the moment, leads to acting in the moment.

I noticed for the first time today that there at times when I go into a sale with what I want to find or buy in mind. This mindset really inhibits me from searching [with maximum exposure] because my focus is unknowingly on that thing [object] I initially set out for. My brain and eyes are searching for a specific shape, size, category of thing and I am potentially losing out on other hidden treasures.

Going into a sale with – I want to find an antique this or vintage that – though this could be seen as strategic it actually is not the smartest plan of attack for all pickers. I am a random picker, I pick based on what strikes my fancy or I think others may like – I am not buying specific things to sell off to someone else.

IMG_5286I received a flyer in the mail this past week advertising a community school sale taking place in Metcalfe, ON today near my home town, I got there for the 8am start-time and it was already buzzing.

My picker ears instantly heard a man say, Sally already got the good jewellery [she is good at that] and a woman suggest Billy found a big box of old stamps. I immediately began scanning the room.

IMG_5287I snagged a few old vintage pieces of art, a wooden planter pot, scenic blue & white placemats, book on preserving food and few other little trinkets including some really neat pins.

It wasn’t until I was on my way out that I found a Fisher price 1965 little snoopy toy pull along dog which captured my heart. I am not entirely sure if I will keep for myself or give away to a friend.

I was ready to leave and took one more look around near the baby section [pickers gold is always hidden in these sections] and saw something hidden underneath a crib and a baby seat. It was a gorgeous country inspired wool wall hanging.IMG_5291

I went to the cash and purchased what you see [in photos] for $7. Community sales are always amazing because you get wicked deals, meet your neighbours and raise money for the local charities & establishments.

My best piece of advice today is you lose out on “the goods” when you are too busy overthinking things. Search in the present and you will be not only be the early bird but you will also get the worm.

I hope your weekend is off to a good start.

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