Show and Tell

pendalumHibernating? It’s time to awake from a deep slumber, get ready for the birds to start singing and snow to start melting…the shows are coming.

I was sitting back today and recalling memories of when I would have “show and tell” at school. Now this was quite a while ago and though I do not remember every detail, I remember how I felt. The night before I would pick out what I was going to bring in and in this specific memory it happened to be my pet hamsters, Elvis and ???? [I can’t remember the girls name]. I cleaned their cage, combed their silky fur with my barbie comb and was so excited to show them off to my friends.

I walked into class the next day and was swarmed by the affection of my classmates which was directed at my furry friends. Then came my version of a “hamsters life” story which consisted of me mentioning their never ending spins on the running wheel, litter of hamster babies and how they would often be scared because we had three cats at home. The boy I had a crush on at the time asked me if he could play with them and I said sure meanwhile instantly thinking he was my soulmate.

It feels like this moment was just yesterday even though it was 23 years ago.

When we show and tell we are essentially sharing something with others that we think to be of great value. It makes our eyes light up when we speak about it and puts us into a happy haze. I realized this evening that show and tell is a big part of why I love antiquing and fishing for vintage gems. I enjoy showing them to the people I care about [or in some cases do not even know] and telling the story behind their existence.

There are many beautiful things to see in this lifetime so why not show and tell a little more?

Looking for a little show and tell yourself? Why not check out the Ottawa Antique and Vintage Market (March 21-22,2015) and the The Ottawa Vintage Clothing  Show April 19,2015 – I am sure you will see some amazing things and hear some amazing stories.



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