EXPORT ‘A’ KINGS Golf Moustache Cup

IMG_5153Dear Readers,

I have been attending a ton of estate/content sales more recently and as mentioned last weekend was on the hunt specifically for clothing and accessories.

I ended up hand selecting about 10 Rubbermaid containers full of vintage & retro stuff. Everything from ties to one piece jumpers. Which you will see soon…

I barely even glanced at antique furniture or tantalizing trinkets but did find this one piece that really captivated me. It is a little piece of tobacco advertising history – an Export ‘a’ Kings Golf Moustache [or Mustache] Cup.IMG_5155

A moustache cup will have a semi-circle (half moon) ledge inside the cup. In and around the 1860’s this type of cup/mug was created to keep mens moustaches dry while sipping beverages.

When I purchased the cup the lady mentioned it was a shaving mug. Shaving mugs were used in the Victorian times. Shaving mugs did often have a divider wall but it was usually located mid way through the mug. You would also see little water draining holes on shaving mugs. Moustache cups are regularly mistaken for shaving mugs.

I purchased this cup for $20 with a bunch of other things so I would say paid around $3 for it. These cups/mugs have become quite collectible and if in great shape can sell between $25-45 dollars online.

IMG_5154I will have wonderful dreams tonight [I am loaded up on cold medicine right now] thinking about the time and place this cup was first used.



2 thoughts on “EXPORT ‘A’ KINGS Golf Moustache Cup

  1. I have a set of 4 of these cups (my husband was a competitive golfer and received them as prizes in the 70’s). I would like to find a home for them if you or anyone else is interested.

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