The Free Files – Glam, Bam and thank you ma’am


This week proved to be very fruitful and allowed me to furnish the few remaining nooks and crannies in my home for zero dollars. It feels really good to give all this furniture and decorative bits a new home.

If you want to fill your home with gently used gems for little to no cost

try the following (below) I have also included some of my random tips as well:

  • Check your local classified (buy & sell) websites and browse the free section often.
  • Leave your laptop/computer open all day long on the weekends (when you are on the free page) and hit refresh button ever so often. You really have to be on the ball (or the mouse) to be the chosen one – the person who emails or calls the owner first.
  • Before emailing the owner/seller make sure you check to see the location of the item first. Sometimes you may spend more money in gas and time than the item is worth. *Schedule a few pick-ups in one night and plan your driving (stops) accordingly.IMG_5094
  • Make sure your vehicle (or a friends vehicle) can safely and securely transport the item(s) to you. It does not hurt to ask for measurements if you are unsure.
  • Be sure that you can lift the item and it will fit in your home. There have been times when I have needed to bring my own dolly since the item was way too heavy or could not get it upstairs as easy as I had hoped.
  • Lastly when you are on your merry way to pick something up (free or not)- always tell someone where you are going (send them the address and name of person) or keep a record of the person’s details in your email. You never know who you are meeting right? If you are getting used vintage clothing it is always good to meet at a coffee shop or somewhere public. You can buy a coffee and try the items on in the bathroom there.

IMG_5146IMG_5147What did I snag this week?

This really old chair and ottoman. I was told it had been re-covered within the past 10 years and had made its way through the family tree. The elaborate woodwork and legs (see photo at top of post as well) made me smile and it is actually super comfy. My cat has already claimed this as her new puuuurrrrfect spot.

The next lady was on the move and could not fit this ornate 70’s dresser  (seen above) into her new place. It sure is solid and I fancy the mirror. It also has those really handy pull out sock drawers.

Lastly I came across a really big picture frame (seen below) which I thought would fit this jazzy photo. It sure did!

If you like getting free things or buying used items check out my past tip of the week – how to become a great picker.

if you are a seller and want to know more about selling check out how to sell vintage, antiques and more like a pro.


Have a great rest of the weekend and come back real soon for more on records, vintage clothing and my latest furniture finds.





2 thoughts on “The Free Files – Glam, Bam and thank you ma’am

    1. Hello Pamela,

      I am sorry to say the chair is not for sale. I am working on starting my own business just deciding on an online store or pop-up shop route. I will keep you posted should I start selling items online. Have a great day!

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