2015 – The Revival of Vinyl Records?

IMG_2987Dear LP (Long Play) Lovers,

A few days ago I read a brief CBC article and tuned in for a video report about how vinyl records are making major comeback with Canadian music lovers.

I believe this statement (in bold above) to be true but I do not think the revival of LP’s will only be thanks to Canucks alone.

In 2015 I think we will see many music fans in many parts of the world pick up a record for the first time in decades or in their lifetime.

In recent months a few of my friends got record players and at the last few garage sales I held, I had a quiet-spoken teenager [or two] approach me with one question and one question only…

Do you have any records?IMG_2988

As second hand shopping and reaching into grandma’s closet for that “original” item become even more popular so will trying old music on for size.

Collectors want that rare album of their favourite band and awesomely scarce sound. What is having the band t-shirt when you don’t have the retro rock album to go with it?

I know of a few restaurants today that let you pay and play from an old jukebox machine and people freak-in adore it. I am calling it now that records will have a HUGE comeback in 2015.

IMG_2986In early December my closet became home to three boxes of records which I will reveal to you in the three part series coming in January that I like to call…

What musician is hiding in my closet?

Before we jump head first into my boxes of records don’t forget to brush up on my previous Tip of the Week- How To Examine Vinyl Records Before Buying and past weekly jam Musical Mondays: Catchy and Collectible Vinyl Records.


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