Join the free chair club today!

IMG_2692Holy moly the past few days just flew by and I didn’t even have an antique show to attend to gracefully pass the time.

Some exciting news…

On my way to get winter tires today I noticed some curb-side chairs in the country. I pulled over and snagged these beauties for FREE.

I have noticed more so in the days working up to garbage day that there is tons to be found at the end of drive-ways. People generally put unwanted items out in advance of their night before pick-up date.

Quick trick – check your local garbage collection calendar for your neighbourhood pick-up days and others then plan drive-by’s accordingly.

One thing I prefer is if there is a sign by the discarded stuff that says “FREE” it definitely leaves nothing to the imagination -like is this thing up for grabs?

IMG_2694A question I have asked myself before is: Is it illegal to take from people’s curbside garbage? I think this is up for debate depending on where you live.

I believe once items are placed by the edge of the property they [people] are relinquishing their rights to them however with this being said I have door knocked to confirm If I can take something. Sometimes I even ask if they have anything else they want to discard. No shame here I am recycling!

The 1,2,3 of curbside raiding:

1. Check for a FREE sign before grabbing (Note: Sometimes people put things to the curb with actual price/for sale signs on them);

2. Look for the property owner and ask permission to take the item;

3. Plan your route in advance by checking garbage dates and oh yeah it doesn’t hurt at the end of a yard/garage sale to stop by -most times the unsold items hit the pavement as well.

Added bonus – when diving for treasures [antiques] don’t forget to check if it is real or fake.


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