Boy Meets Girl – Fall 2014 Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show

IMG_2691This past weekend was a real hectic one for me – between getting on my Amy Winehouse costume twice and gallivanting around town I was mega sleepy by Sunday night.

What kept me going? Sugar free Red Bull [only one], dynamite rooms full of creative people dressed to the 9’s and racks of clothing with gems to be found. Despite my late Friday evening out I awoke quite early on Saturday and was delighted to go to The Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show.

My boyfriend decided he was in the mood for vintage so came with. To my surprise this year seemed to have men’s and women’s fashions of quite equal proportions. Most of the booths that offered stuff for the ladies also offered a little something for the gents. Boots, jackets, ties and purses [as well as leather bags] were plentiful!

We started off the event at Sharona a space that boasted some unique male masterpieces including some super suave vests. I believe they have a private collection in which they show by appointment only. They can be reached at – they say: “Vintage Never Goes Out of Style”

I continued of my way looking for a fashionable headpiece and though I did a ton of scouting [for a very specific kind of fascinator this year] I came up short. However I wasn’t upset since I snagged a fantastic floral brooch from Beehive Vintage. I bee-lieve they will be starting an Etsy store soon. Here hoping…don’t mean to start a buzz… They had some really different clothing that was really stunning so I look forward to seeing what comes next.IMG_2685

A few things about this years show:

1. There were tons of jackets. This event is key to finding a durable and original jacket.

2. Fur me up! This event also is home to many fur items – you can find anything from neck warmers, hats to long & short jackets.

3. Other? The show is famous for practical yet stylish finds such as carved walking canes, doilies for tables and retro luggage.

I wanted to share that The Ottawa Citizen [our local newspaper] took some superb photos during the event. Look through their vintage finds! I am still working on my photography skills.

I can’t wait until the next time this vintage show comes to town. An entertaining day full of fashion, fun and festive people.

Chitchat with you soon!

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