The Top 5 Creepy Vintage and Antique Objects

Wild Wednesday Presents,

The Top 5 Creepy Vintage and Antique Objects

ID-100279785Halloween is fast approaching and after having found some creepy things in my backyard this October, I thought it would be a treat to share with you what I believe to be the creepiest vintage objects and antiques out there.

They may not be the scariest upon first glance but they could possess more than you bargained for.

Way Back When Medical Equipment: The older the equipment, the more it sends shivers up [and down] my spine. Syringes, amputation knives, skull saws and hemorrhoid as well as hernia tools are only a few of the items I am pertaining to.

The health industry has sure come along way! I remember a few months ago seeing a vintage leather doctor bag my dad had and I thought it was pretty sick. What is even cooler is thinking of what may of been in it, once upon a time.

Dated Plantation and Hotel Mirrors: You see it in the movies, the haunted mirror that strikes back. What is interesting is there are a ton of stories in real life about antique mirrors that cause home owners or passer-by people to freak out. The Roosevelt Hotel and the Myrtles Plantation mirrors are only a few that come to mind. There is something about a really dated mirror that just has that eerie feel to it.

The Comedian, The Clown: Clowns have been painted with somewhat of a evil brush since I can remember. I feel like there was a shift in the late 80’s or early 90’s due to popular culture. Though I don’t think comic performers “clowns” are unnerving when I see them at a kids party or event, I do think some of the earlier clown objects I have come across in my life travels are a little intimidating.ID-10056150

Old black and white photos of grinning clowns, clown dolls made to show sharp teeth or circus costumes that just look like they belong to a “not so nice” clown. I will leave this up to you but these items make my list of creepy things I will not be buying unless they are used purely for decorating on October 31st.

Eye Following Pictures: I have been to a few museums or antique shops where I saw an antique portrait that just screamed…CREEPY. It was usually black and white or a sepia tone {or more yellowed with age] and only included the persons face and upper body. There is something so powerful about eyes! I recall this one time I was poking around in the second storey of a shop when I found a row of oval portraits lined up at eye level. I began moving around a room on purpose to see if the eyes really gave me the impression they were following me – I didn’t stay upstairs too long and I did not leave with a portrait in hand.

Childs Play: I am not a huge fan of weathered and tattered baby dolls [from the earlier years] or children’s toy dolls in general. Some of the new age modern dolls aren’t as spooky.

Dolls are another thing that over time have gotten a bad rap for being wicked. There are stories out there about a tainted Raggedy-Ann doll and other dolls that may look sweet in nature but are apparently not. I say if you are buying a used dolly make sure it doesn’t have any ghostly qualities.

If you are looking to make your house the talk of the town this year [for Halloween] I highly suggest you wander near and far to find some of these bone chilling items above.

Keep your eyes on old surgical tools, fancy framed mirrors that are a bit smoky/foggy {maybe you will get a discount] and circus clown related novelties. When out and about don’t forget that you can easily find one of those mysterious looking portraits [of someone you don’t know] to hang on your wall and that old dolls can be made to look even more frightening with a little bit of help.




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