The Ladder Shelf has Arrived

IMG_2417Have you ever been driving and become so mesmerized by the scenery around you?

Soft rock was playing, the sky was light blue as far as the eye could see and all the farmland from left to right, a piercing green.

I don’t know how I managed to notice a garage sale sign on the side of the longest straight road ever at 5pm today but I did. My truck bed was full but I thought why not check it out, when will I ever see a sale past 4pm again? *Usually most people pack up early especially on a Sunday.

I bought a fan rake for $1 and guess what??? Found the second antique ladder to complete the ladder shelf I have been wanting for the past few months. It was odd that I ended up finding a ladder that resembles the other one I previously found at the edge of someones driveway for free.

This time I paid $2 -bringing the grand total of this new shelf to $2. I found the wood for the actual shelving in my shed. Now I am considering painting this depending on if I keep it outdoors or not. It is not 100% ready yet but its coming together. That wicker rooster and hen I found last weekend look super cute around the base of this new development. Now I have a bit more storage and a new conversation piece.

My thought of the day: Shed new life on someone else’s trash!


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