Tidbit of the Week: What’s popping?

IMG_2403History on a Thursday,

With the rain and all, it was feeling like a PJ “night in” when I arrived home from work.

I sat down tonight to a undeniably large bag of Sensations Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn made by Compliments – it was purely amazing by the way.

I must admit that I am that geeky person that reads the back of the snack bag to see what the write up is…always in anticipation of a photo of a field or some nice looking person with a wholesome smile.

I found out that Kettle Corn originated all the way back in the 18th century. Where was it found you ask? It was sold at Fairs! Kettle Corn is actually cooked with some sugar in iron kettles [hence the name I would say] and afterwards it is seasoned with salt.

Apparently I even like old-fashioned food!

There are many different stories around where the this crunchy stuff was derived from but I am going with Germany.

So here is the thing if you find any popcorn related antiques or vintage items [some examples to follow in a later post] for sale, I imagine they will soar in prices in the coming years. More so anything that comes from a Fair and even the Circus. They (these kinds of events) are not as popular as they used to be so popcorn related merchandise may become more scarce or rare.

This is my personal opinion that we can look back on in years to come. Hopefully the only other thing that will be popping [other than your popcorn] is your wallet after you sell a little piece of popcorn history in the future- man I’m corny.



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