Sunday Feast of Spectacular Finds


“Remember when purchasing stuff to resell or keep 

it is about beauty;

being unique;

and serving a purpose.”



IMG_2388 Happy Sunny Sunday Readers,

Bright and early Saturday morning I had a plan to go to a garage sale in Vars, Ontario. I was surprised that on my way to the sale, only a 10 minute drive away, I came across more than I bargained for. Some wicked deals on vintage and antique items – big and small.

At a hidden garage sale up the street I found this dainty, gold rimmed plate as well as a colourful vintage business card holder. The plate could be used for serving tiny items. I got these items and a few other things [a plant holder and some woven hot plates] for between 10 cents-25 cents a pop. Not too shabby!  IMG_2401

I continued on my joyful journey to Devine Road and on the right side of the road [my road again, funny enough] spotted this free stand up dresser. I remember having one similar to this when I was a kid so it must be between twenty- thirty years old. The handles are a tell-tale sign. I lifted this into the truck as fast as I could boasting and ear to ear smile as I really need a dresser for my closet room here at the homestead.

Side Note: When I got home I was tightening all the handles on my free find and found a 1997 edition of MAD magazine in the drawer it was the Mars attacks edition. I ended up giving it to a friend who is super into comics and things of that nature. It retails online for anywhere between $4-$13 depending on the condition.

I finally made me way to the devine sale and purchased a new spinning three tier appetizer tray and a smaller rocking chair. The couple was moving a bit further into the country and were super cute. I got the rocking chair for around $18-$20 with the price of the tray factored in. Rocking chairs are always a good thing to buy used as they are pricey brand new. They also are amazing items for resale. Whether people have a cottage or front porch they are handy.IMG_2400

IMG_2389I headed home when a sign appeared out of no where for a big sale on Frank Kenny. The sale was a pile of precious items. I grabbed a few country chic towel stands, one super sturdy rocking chair, some hanging lights and a few other items including nifty vintage hot plates. I wanted to share that the hanging lights have really stunning pictures all around them. These caught my eye and would look fabulous in a heritage home.

I only spent $28 dollars! I was unsure if everything could fit in the little truck but I managed to shove it all in.

Some of this stuff I am keeping while others may go to an auction later in the month.

Hope you have an amazing rest of the weekend. I will keep you posted on my latest discoveries. P.S Sorry for going a little photo crazy today, I actually left quite a few out.


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