Stand-up Piano turned Desk

Something funky to share on a Friday,

I snagged a free burgundy love seat over the weekend which I was thoroughly excited about. It is clean and looks like it was hardly ever used. I don’t usually get sofas for free but this one looked bug-free. I thought to myself what could top this free find next week?

Every day after work I get home and scour the net for free furniture. What I found earlier in the week made me one happy camper. It is this…

IMG_2369This desk is actually an old stand-up piano that was converted to a desk about 75 years ago, the couple I purchased from mentioned they had it refurbished quite a while ago. It was in their home as a showpiece for sometime then like most of our belongings made its way to their basement. It is in good condition, but not pristine condition. The backing needs to be nailed back in and I could buff it up a little.

Some of the carving work looks machine made not man made as it is pretty similar for left to right. Even though they mentioned it was 75 years I imagine that was just pieces of it and they added on some of the items that look newer. That’s the thing about antiques sometimes they can be in disguise. Read more in my article Part 3: Real or Fake? How to tell if it is antique.IMG_2371

People don’t want to remove old pianos out of their homes so you will tend to see them [even really nice ones] posted for free. Maybe you could turn an old piano into a desk sometime. Just some food for thought! I liked how when you pull the front door/drawer up there is tons of slots for mail. Always good to have another spot for bills.

IMG_2370Did I mention my Friday nights have been spent with my new puppy? He has sooo much energy and I have been acquainted him and the kitty cat over the past week or so.

I must admit staying home on a Friday sure isn’t fun but it does allow me to plan my Saturday morning antiquing hunt [where I am going to drive to] to a T.

Have a great Friday night,


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