Up, Down and All Around: Vintage Mania

IMG_2368High and Low…

Left to Right…

In and Out…

I didn’t even put on gloves this past weekend, I just fought my way through the piles upon piles of gold. It was a search like no other (hear why in my last post) but I found many different [and worthwhile] vintage items over this past weekend.

Deep in the darkness I noticed this vintage game table. It sure is full of whimsy and after finding the four legs elsewhere in the barn I said, SOLD TO ME. IMG_2362

The same game table with a pedestal base is selling online for $650 right now. Strangely enough I noticed another person selling it (online also) for only $60 (not in as good as shape as the first one) as well. Either way if I sell it I will make a profit. The country of origin is the United States. Actually, I may keep this cards, chess and backgammon table for myself.

IMG_2367I got this four seater games table and decorative tray for a combined $20. The serving tray has writing on the bottom however it appears to be in another language (believed to be Russian). I am still figuring out the retail price for this one. I also did a dive to find this one and made friends with some bees on the far side of the barn in order to retrieve it.

IMG_2364IMG_2365This $5 chair was the second thing I grabbed. It is super sturdy and I loved the evergreen colour. I may have to recover the seat as there is a small tear in it. It will make its way to my dining room real soon.

The first thing I pulled out of the soil was this welcome to my garden decorative piece pictured at the top of this post. As you can see it already made its way to my garden [well the start of my garden it is partially weeds]. There is something I just find so cute about subtle lawn décor.

Trinkets anyone? How adorable is this? This little box (seen below) won me over. I am not sure what will go in here but something I don’t want to forget about.

IMG_2366Long weekend is coming to and end but my belly is full of pie and my garage full of delightful scores.

I paid only $15 for the chair, plant stand, trinket box, a crate and the welcome sign.

Come back often to learn about what sells, what is a good price to buy stuff for and how to decorate your home on the cheap.






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