Mixing Old & New

IMG_2322Let’s talk style on a Friday,

When buying things at garage sales I always look to mix & match with what I already have. I strive for a mix of old & new.

In this photo [left] you can see that my robin egg blue desk is a little newer so I decided to pair it with an older charming chair. This was the desk I mentioned in an earlier post I got for only $5. I was really stoked about that!

When visiting some family members in Newfoundland I was given a white doily table runner from my great aunt. She passed away recently so it will always remind me of her. I placed this on the desk. IMG_2355

Above the desk you will find hand painted [they have a butterfly on them] framed feathers. My dad brought this over the other day and I thought it hovered nicely over the desk.

My couch is quite modern, I specifically bought it so I would have an extra place for someone to sleep if they came over. Beside this new age couch I added my small vintage table and lamp seen below. It adds a pop of colour.IMG_2354

I love to decorate a room – from the furniture to the objects to the books.
-Aerin Lauder

I am a huge fan of small decorative tables. They are just so handy and always has room for a little something decorative on top. I cannot easily count how many small tables I have.

Lastly I have an IKEA shelf [I do not usually get things from stores] where I house all of the books I am reading at a given time as well as a select few of my fav vintage pieces.IMG_2353

Everything in this room so far is second hand with the exception of the lamp on the desk. GO RECYCLING! The best part is this entire room couch included cost me very little to fully furnish. Where were my biggest scores?

-Garage Sales are #1 (Desk, Yellow Lamp, Green Table $14)

Consignment #2 (Décor in Shelves $40.00)

-Online Purchases #3 (Couch $150.00) 

-Free #4 (Chest found curbside, Wall Photos and Select Decor)

-Store #5 (Ikea Shelf $79.99 and Lamp $20)

I still have some work to do but this place is coming along. Before you mix it up don’t forget to read my past article on How to Decorate Smart with Older Furniture and Home Accessories.






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