Huge Yard Sale in Osgoode,Ontario -Check it out!


It’s long weekend and I am sure making the most of it!

I got up real early today and made my way to a moving sale in the country, ran off to the downtown core to grab a free couch (from Kijiji) and ended up back at the same moving sale later in the morning. There was just not enough time to scout it out earlier in the a.m 🙂

I was shocked at what I found and at the sheer magnitude of the sale. A barn, yard, house and driveway full of stuff. The barn is jammed from floor to ceiling pretty well so some of the goodies may still be hiding.

Check out this sale located at 7279 Dalmeny Road (Osgoode, ON K0A 2W0) tomorrow since they will still be selling.IMG_2358

I had way too much fun digging through boxes, chatting with people and racing against another woman who was on the prowl for goodies. It was like junk wars between her and I. We both ended up with large “buying it” piles outside of the barn. All in good fun – she was really nice and looking for her daughters.

IMG_2359Hope you have a good time if you head over. I will give you the skinny on all my finds from this event tomorrow. There were a couple things I got that are one-of-a-kind.

I always look around to keep wind of all these sales. Read more on Where to find the Best Places to Buy Antiques and Collectibles.

Cheers to summer and sizzling deals,


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