A little gift from Copenhagen

IMG_2346After two weeks of not getting the mail [don’t laugh but there were a few minor distractions since I moved in] I finally got my mailbox information and headed over yesterday after work to see what bills came in.

The rain was coming down and I was soaked after only momentarily stepping out of the truck. I turned the key and out came a nice sized rectangular box along with many sealed envelopes.

My best friend who is off having the time of her life [travelling all over the world] sent me a present from Copenhagen, Denmark. She went to this little antique shop in a neighbourhood called Vesterbro. The lady in the shop said that she had the shop for over 30 years and it felt like her whole life was in the shop. It made her think of me, so she purchased this special frame from the 1920’s. The back is covered in silk and the glass is gently warped. It actually got to me in one piece, which I am very happy about.

This adorable frame will be a great addition to my new home and the story she sent in the postcard with the gift was equally [if not nicer] than the gift itself. I always enjoy hearing about a piece and the person it comes from. Now I just got to find a photo to fit the frame.

I must skedaddle but on this Tuesday evening I just wanted to remind you how the story behind a piece can be just as thrilling as the piece itself.

Make sure to read up on Second-hand Gift Giving: Is It Okay to Give a Used Gift? Here my views and make your own judgement.

Good Night,




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