Digging in my own backyard

Startling finds on a Sunday afternoon…

My home sides on a river and is located across the street from an old lumber mill building which is now being used as a home. Apparently my 19th century home may of housed some of the mill workers back the in day.

Over the past two weekends since moving in we have been clearing the bush to get down to the water and have made great strides and a super wide opening (thanks to the help of great friends and neighbours). I have been finding many antiques (& vintage thangs) along the way so thought I would share.

IMG_2332First off we have an old men’s shoe and a bag with buckle of some sort.

Along with this many Pepsi bottles and bottles [in general] were found. I have clear bottles coming out of the ying yang these days. I plan on cleaning these vintage (or antique) bottles up and putting plants in them.

Pepsi was created in the early 1890’s and was formally introduced as Brad’s Drink. The soft drink wasn’t renamed Pepsi-Cola until the late 1890s. Who knows how old some of these bottles date back to…

How I enjoy a nice Pepsi or Coke after a long day of working outside!

I also found some bottles left inside the house. The first is a Spanish leather-wrapped bottle that to my knowledge retails between $30-$50 online. There are some males and horses on the leather. The other resembles a decanter with a metal emblem on it. I thought they were both pretty neat.IMG_2342IMG_2340

The mill was operational in and around the late 1850s and by the 1880s manufactured cheese boxes. I hope I find an old cheese box -that would be a dream since I LOVE CHEESE AND CHEESE BOXES ARE WICKED TO DECORATE WITH. Cheese making dates back many years and the evolution of cheese is astounding.

On another food related note I see a old stove in the distance – I will show you what it looks like when I pull it out.


Before I go I forgot to mention I found a bed frame, now if I could only find a mattress spring I would be all set…remember my tricks on Uses for Old Furniture & More including a mattress spring?

Cheers on a Monday,




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