On the Radar: Vintage Kitchen Scales

pizap.com14037482504361Wild Wednesday presents,


What’s on the radar this summer?


Kitchen scales are getting more popular as the days go by. With food portion control on the mind and produce purchases at what appears to be a roaring high -these objects are becoming a valuable home asset.


Do you weigh your food?


With a whole lot of functionality and rustic charm  antique or vintage (I love cast iron) scales can give a nice resale return or simply make a nice addition to your counter-top.


Try to find a produce scale that hangs from the ceiling. Oh la la. These scales are in the $150-200 range.  


Add one to your country kitchen (or period kitchen) today. I have been trying to find the right one but I am pretty picky and never spend over $10 for anything. I may have to bite the bullet as even the smaller scales go for $25+


Wish me luck!









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