Tip of the Week: Uses for Old Furniture & More

ID-100225004Nobody said recycling couldn’t be creative!

I am happy to report I finally found my country homestead and will be moving in on July 14th.

Time to get my decorating hat on and bust out the old items that will lead a new life in my new home. I have come across some mega inspiring tips over the years and some crafty uses for old furniture and various objects- check em out.

  1. Take a vintage Rake and hang it the wall -it will make an amazing necklace holder. You may wish to saw off some of the long handle for a different look.
  2. Use a Large Ladder or a Mini Ladder as a shelf. One can be a floor shelf (the larger one) and the other a wall shelf. I am going to paint mine vibrant colours or give them a shabby chic “distressed” look. I have also seen someone chain a full length rustic ladder to the ceiling and hang pots & pans from it.
  3. Suitcases, Trunks and File Cabinets can be dressed up and used as occasional/side tables. Or you can open up the suitcase and turn it into a chair by adding some cushy stuff to the inside and some sturdy legs. I have heard of the more solid (outer shell) suitcases being turned into medicine cabinets.
  4. A Mattress Spring posted on the wall (I like portrait direction over landscape) can make an awesome message board for all your memories, to-do’s, mail and more.
  5. Saw-Horses can act as desk legs and a wood palette as a desk top. Or Chair Backs can also double as super ornate table legs.
  6. Got some old school Soda Crates? Paint them fun colours and attach them to the wall in a funky pattern. Use them for shoes, storage or anything that sits around your front door.
  7. Decoupage your favourite Dresser that may have some deeper wear and tear with some interesting comic strips, aged music sheets or any other paper that strikes your fancy. I saw this beautiful shaped dressed the other day that had some bad dents and sharp cut-outs in it -it was selling for cheap and this would of made the perfect camouflage.
  8. Wooden Doors can be turned into a delightful day bed. If you have tons of wooden doors consider using them as a bed head-board or a snazzy room divider. Meanwhile Shutters can make funky back drops (wall hangings) for photos (frames are attached to shutter) with a little bit of work. Some folk turn shutters into organization wall hangings as well.
  9. I have seen antique Bottles and Jars wired to make exceptional lights. Or if that doesn’t turn your crank try turning a candy machine into a lamp. P.S A Chandelier that you don’t feel like wiring can be used as an outdoor bird feeder with a few small tweets -I mean tweaks.
  10. This one time I saw someone fasten old Hardcover Books to the wall (with L shaped brackets) and use them as shelves. The only thing that topped that was when I saw a piano turned into a stunning water Fountain. Next time you see a free piano give it another look.

For those that have not been following this blog (or don’t know me) the past few months have been a rollercoaster to say the least. After many months selling my condo, one deal that fell through on inspection, an up in the air deal that never went through and many rural inspections – it is all over.

Come back real soon for my series – which will essentially be me taking a blank canvas and decorating it in all that is vintage and antique. If your a dude or diva on a dime or just are plain into recycling you won’t want to miss it.

Want to see photos of the above mentioned creative pieces? I will be making most of the items above so stay tuned.







6 thoughts on “Tip of the Week: Uses for Old Furniture & More

  1. I have a keller roll top desk. Keller manufacture only made these desk for 6 months. The desk is around 60 years old. I’ve done research but can’t find anything about them . Do you know anything about them? Would really appreciate if you do know about the desk an would text me back

    1. You may already have this information: The Keller Manufacturing Co. Inc. was a producer of wood items since 1895. The name of this company still exists in the U.S. It appears they started with farm wagons and began manufacturing furniture in the early 1940’s (1943). They did distribute items to Canada and maybe still do. Though unsure, G. P. Keller maker and the Keller Mfg Co. may be two unrelated firms, the former making balancing mechanisms and the latter the wood cabinet enclosing it. The older Keller pieces sell pretty high on eBay currently, I have seen them as mid-century items for sale. I have also heard of Keller items coming (manu.) from Finland on the rare occasion. If you note any markings of piece or stamps and have any photos I would be of more assistance.

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