PBS Antiques Roadshow Takes a Stand for Elephants

News worth sharing on a Tuesday:

It came to my attention recently that the Antiques Roadshow has dropped appraisals of elephant ivory tusks. PBS mentioned earlier in June that they wont be showing tusks in the new episodes or previously aired antique-road-shows.

The National Geographic featured an article in May of this year on an adored African elephant named Sateo. His giant tusks made him the target of poaching and the story illustrating his death made me tear up instantly.

Antiques are beautiful and should leave a legacy but not at the expense of elephants. I really like to see people taking a stand for helpless animals like the Africa elephant that are being killed for ivory and the monetary value that comes with it.

Illegal killings of elephants are being linked to organized crime and the funding of armed militia groups. Many consumers in Asia do not realize that by buying ivory, they are playing a role in the illegal wildlife trade and its serious consequences.
-Li Bingbing

For more on antique objects that may be jeopardizing our animal friends read my previous post Part 2: Key Antique Objects Made from Animals and Plants.





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