Second Hand Shopping on a Saturday

Well Hello!

“Buy what you don’t have yet, or what you really want, which can be mixed with what you already own. Buy only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

There were garage sales galore this weekend and no shortage of second hand items to get my hands on. Though there were many tantalizing items in view I actually only bought a few things I needed this past Saturday and a few things I just couldn’t pass up.

ITEM #2: The Lamp (A Need)


I am starting with my second score of the weekend today which was a Mustard Yellow Vintage Metal Tole Table Lamp. I got this cheery light from a girl who had a driveway full of antiques. I had a blast looking at her stuff and was a happy camper when I snagged this item for $5.

Tole means: enameled or lacquered metalware, usually with gilt decoration, often used, especially in the 18th century, for trays, lampshades, etc. Source: I learned more about toleware this evening. 

ITEM #3: The Cookie Jar (A Want)

Value Village was a contender this weekend as I picked up this Hand Painted Ceramic Round Biscotti Cookie Jar with Handles for $5.99. Some of these Italian containers sell online between $100-$200. There is nothing better than a sturdy cookie jar. In my last house I actually used a cool similar jar I had as a good home for dog biscuits. These containers are a good way to hide not-so-sexy dog bones in a very convenient easy to grab spot. I may put biscuits for myself in this one this time around.

IMG_2244ITEM #4: The Orange Plate (A Want)

This white & orange ornate plate caught my attention immediately when I was gazing in the aisles at VV. I am easily smitten with anything floral that boasts disturbingly bright colours. I paid $3.99 for this plate which offers no clear “identity” markings on it. To keep in check I always view different resources on How to Identify Antique Dinnerware.

It will be used for decorative purposes for sure it is a little too pretty for fork scrapes. I am still confirming the ages of the two items above. If anyone has details on this plate please let me know. I thought it was rather unique. It does not appear dirty – it is actually so shiny in person and where it is white looks like a pearl glaze.

IMG_2243ITEM #1: The Functional Baby Blue Desk (A Need)

At a later date you will see photos of my first find of the day which was a $5 Desk from a yard sale that is in need of some refinishing.  I will show you a before and after in a later post. I have eclectic knobs for this blue baby.

I can’t hardly wait to add these pieces to my new place. Looks like I am moving to the country within the next month and will have a ton more for you on all my antique and vintage hunting adventures.

Refer to my recent Tip of the Week – Second Hand Clothing Shop (in Store) Like a Pro for more on second hand shopping.

Will keep you posted,





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