Things to do in Ottawa this weekend (June 14-15)

IMG_2010Good Morning Readers,

I am up bright & early today and quite eager to report on this weekends coming events in the Ottawa, Ontario area.

For starters only a street or two away from me is the 9th Annual Minto Park Sale being held at 315 Elgin Street this Saturday, June 14. There are going to be an astounding 80 tables this year.

I always look forward to seeing what comes out of these downtown homes and apartment buildings with so much character and history. Get there between 8am-2pm and you are in for some good pickings. Note: There may be slim pickings closer to 2pm as with any sale. For more visit the ad posted for this event on Kijiji.

I am in the mood for going somewhere different this weekend so may make my way over to a pop-up shop on Wellington Street East @ Flowers Talk. They will have some vintage, antiques and neat collections this Saturday as well. If you don’t find your dream piece you can at least walk away with some stunning flowers. Get a whiff of the pop-up shop advertisement for more details.

My sisters live in Rockland, Ontario so I may pay them a visit and head out to the Crystal Court Street Sale taking place on June 14th as well. I know 445 Crystal Court will be running a sale for sure as per the posting seen here. Just a side note that Rockland always has an array of great sales.

There is not too much going on this Sunday in the way of garage sale events…maybe because it’s a special day. For those that celebrate -do not forget that this Sunday (June 15, 2014) is Fathers Day.

I will back soon with the dish on this weekends discoveries.
Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen, and thinking what nobody has thought.
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi









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