Frank Lloyd Wright Timeless Colour & Mis-tints Tip of the Week

IMG_2189The architect should strive continually to simplify; the ensemble of the rooms should then be carefully considered that comfort and utility may go hand in hand with beauty.
– Frank Lloyd Wright

This afternoon I was out on the town and decided to pop into my local Randall’s décor store. I was curious to see what paint colour palettes they had. There were so many options! My eyes widened and took notice of all the calming blues, anti-stress greens and exciting reds.

I picked up the Frank Lloyd Wright The Fallingwater and Taliesin Colour Palettes featuring inspiration drawn from the impressive American architect himself. The colours were used at his Fallingwater design and in his original Taliesin color palette from 1955.

The Fallingwater colours are all very rich and driven by nature they include Mountain Forest, Lion’s Mane and Cherokee Red, Frank Llyod Wright’s personal favourite. The thing about these colours is they would look excellent in a home that boasts vintage and antique furniture. When I think of timeless furniture I think of bold pieces that stand out and these powerful paint colours would match really well.IMG_2190

For those that dare to go on the brighter side and could use a little pastel on their wall there is the Taliesin palette which offers 36 hues. You will also find some neutral, cool and warm tones in this line-up all of which I think would look great in a space that is already filled with the warmth of antiques or vintage furniture. Some of the colours in this colour palette would also work well with a more retro space.

I thought I would share this with you in follow-up to a past post How to Decorate Smart with Older Furniture and Home Accessories just in case you are in the decorating mood.

Deep colours have a big impact in a room full of treasures. Don’t forget to check the mis-tint section of your local paint store when buying paint.

Not all stores have mis-tints (this is paint that may not have come out the right colour so a customer chose not to take it home) but most larger paint stores do. My plan is to get all the paint for my new home from the mis-tints section if possible. The cans are $15 vs. the regular $35 plus so there some big savings. Keep in mind in this case you may not have the chance to get a second touch-up can. Ask a person working at the store you go to if they have a mis-tints section, they should know what your talking about.

Come back soon for the scoop on painting antiques…




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