True Vintage and Antique Design Inspired: Before and After Coming This Summer

shopsmartTwo months ago I was posting an article a day and I promise I will get back to posting more often again real soon.

Over the past month I have been selling my home and trying to find a new one (and move in) before July 17th. The good news is mine is sold firm now and I have a conditional sale in on a new home, the bad news is it’s a power of sale so I am trying to not get too attached in case the deal falls through.

So why am I sharing all of this with you may ask? My plan is once I get into my new place to do a full “Before” and “After”.

The house is vacant – just bare bones so I am excited to show you how if you are a “true bargain hunter” you can furnish and finish a home while spending very little. This will include the outdoor spaces as well. I do not have much of a green thumb but I definitely known a little can go along way when it comes to the great outdoors.

It will be a 10 part series since there are quite a few rooms in need of a little (or a lot) TLC.

My (hopefully) new home has a drive through garage to the backyard. Now I can drive my “one day” small pickup truck through to the yard -and drop my finds right on the patio area where they need to be to get a little face lift and touch-up.

I remember sharing in a past post Part 2: Key Antique Objects Made from Animals and Plants that my last residential home was full of vintage art items from Africa. I loved the style, there was something so adventurous about the colours, patterns and materials. I came across this quote today which I wanted to share:

With its bold forms, with its instinctive rhythms, and with its expressiveness, African art indicates dialogue, and speaks to me of an art rooted as much in logic as in the unconscious, in which imagination explores the origins of myths. It is the same imagination that gives rise to “forms more real than nature”.
– Jean-Willy Mestach, artist and art collector, 1995

This quote explains the reason I enjoyed the African influence so much. Time to see what vintage and antique styles take over this new home.

Visit this blog often or follow me and I promise, You Won’t Miss a Beat in the World of Vintage & Antique.









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