Tip of the week: It’s all about the clothing and convenience

Wild Wednesday presents: An interesting perspective I got wind of today that is applicable to the everyday buying selections we make.

I was waiting for my Korean take-out to be ready this evening when I overheard a conversation about clothing and style.

Girl says;

“You seem to like fashion a lot, you always wear things differently than other people, have you thought of becoming a designer?”

Guy says;

“It’s all about the clothing and convenience.” He went on to say how he wears things that work for him from both a practical use and fashion conscious point of view. His sentence (quoted above) really struck a chord with me. I felt like I just indulged in all the food for thought I needed for the day.

Funny how sometimes the things you hear in passing make you recall why you fancy antiques and vintage objects, especially when it comes to fashion. They explode effortless beauty and usually serve a distinct purpose.

If we apply this perspective to the olden days things we choose to buy there is definitely some value. Takeaway of the day for me is…

If you buy something don’t forget it’s purpose in your home or on your body. Make sure it is suitable to you and your level of comfort. Think about how functional it is and if you are an out of the box thinker, contemplate all the ways you can repurpose it.

Time to start making more room for captivating and convenient things in my life.

A vintage briefcase can be used as a briefcase or you can use it in your home to store some of your beloved scarves or ties.


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