La Nouvelle-France Antiquités – The Price is Right

IMG_2031It’s Monday and after a busy weekend (and day) I am eager to continue reporting on my recent trip and finds.

Out of all the places I recently visited in QUÉBEC CITY I must say La Nouvelle-France Antiquités was one of my favourite shops is town. To be honest after exploring most of the antique landmarks there were only two places that curbed my “curious tourist antique-hunting cravings”.

The gentleman in the store was friendly, helpful and a pure delight to be around. He instantly greeted me and my friends and told us a little bit about each of the objects we were looking at.

This shop has a little bit of everything including crates, wooden items (ex. horse), lamps, glasses, purses and much more. Don’t forget to check out the basement. I always have a jolly good time looking for treasures in dark places.

IMG_2037The second I arrived I noticed something special in the distance. I had a quick look around and eagerly approached a football shaped purse. The price was right! I managed to snag this Made Exclusively Stein Novelty Import in Japan black tightly beaded clutch for $10.

After doing some searching I noted this may be a vintage reproduction and not worth much more than what I paid for it. That is okay because its black and will go well with any outfit.IMG_2177

Sometimes when I am on-the-go and unsure of an items value I “Google” it on my cell. Most times I can find a similar item to confirm pricing but at times nothing will come up which can mean an item is rare or I am not searching for it (getting the keywords) properly.

Have a jolly good time when your in Québec City next and browse La Nouvelle-France. I hope you find a hidden treasure to add to your collection.

“A collection is not a mere ‘pile’ of non-differentiated items. Even if it seems chaotic there is always a logic behind the dynamic arrangement of the items and their circulation.”

– Robert Neuberger, in Art Tribal, Spring 2003

IMG_2033Come back soon to hear about more of the interesting antiques I came across on my travels.

Happy Hunting!















225 St Paul, Québec, QC G1K 3W3
(418) 694-1807

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