Déjà Vu Abstract

Déjà Vu

834 Rue Saint-Joseph East
Quebec City, QC G1K 3C3

In my last post Déjà Vu -Yes Please I promised I would be back today with all the photos (and more details) from my retro shop visit.

We landed in Quebec City, dropped our bags off at the city centre Best Western hotel and immediately scouted the streets of the Saint-Roch area of town.

After searching through some clothing racks in trendy shops all taking part in the Québec Fashion Festival my friend spotted a neat looking furniture shop across the street.


As soon as I entered the store I felt right at home. There were a ton of retro items that were all given a new life and a fresh new look. I thought all the work that was done to the pieces was very tasteful and did not take away from the original character. I also got a few creative design tips along the way including how fun it would be to make a ladder shelf [photo in this post].

IMG_1939There were a ton of lamps in the store if you are longing for interesting lighting.

The shapes and sizes of all the objects for sale varied greatly which means there is a little something for every taste.

Pops of colour and geometric shapes filled the shop.

I was a huge fan of some of the seating in the store including a blue ornate couch [photo in this post] and some of the comfy yet contemporary chairs.

If you just want a nice decorative piece you are in luck! There were tons of smaller items (placed on the tables) to choose from.


The sales lady was delightful. P.S I do not believe they ship (purchased furniture) to the Ottawa area however you can always take your own little road-trip (4.5 hours from Ottawa-Quebec City) and bring home a little piece of heaven.

This week I will be sharing the full recap on my Quebec City adventures and artistic & attractive finds.

“Any great work of art revives and readapts time and space, and the measure of its success is the extent to which it makes you an inhabitant of that world.”
– Leonard Bernstein in ARTNews, Sept 2000






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