Where to Buy Antiques and Collectibles in Quebec City and Beyond: Part 1

shopsmartGood Day Readers,

I have been M.I.A the past two days getting my condo in the sky conditionally sold. I can finally report I am one step closer to moving back to the country and collecting some handsome antiques. YEEHAW!

I am heading out on a remarkable road trip soon and can’t wait to share all the juicy details and picturesque photos with you. Some girlfriends have chose to holiday in the classic Quebec City.

Time to seek out the cat’s pajamas!

Quebec City has always been a prime source of antiques in Canada. If rustic curiosities and unique collectibles are your thing a stopover in the cradle of Quebec’s largest antique shops is a good place to start. I hear rues St-Pierre and St-Paul is where it’s at.

The old port area boasts stunning scenery, captivating 18th-century homes and the renowned antiques row. Once I pay a visit I will shine a spotlight on the sterling stores worth seeing. All the shops cluster the main streets of rues Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul and carry and indulging inventory of 19th and 20th century folk art, wooden furnishings, antique lighting, country pine furniture, rugs and home decorative “accent” pieces.

In Part 2 of this post I will advise on this hub of antique dealing in Quebec. I am sure I will charmed by the old treasures and admire the works of local artisans. Also come back real soon for a run-through on the Lachute Flea Market located in southwest Quebec.

Maybe I will be swayed to get a peachy new item for my “one day” home. The swell thing about travel by car is you “generally” do not buy more than you can bring home with you. Not sure I go by that rule of thumb!

“Its not that collecting is more noble than the other pursuits of man, its just a lot more fun.”
– An adaptation of a Norman McClean quote on fishing




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