Monday Auction Fever – Feel the Burn

dreamstimefree_114721“I may have some pieces that are considered important, but most of the objects are things that evoke a feeling of visual pleasure. I think that part of the pleasure of collecting is to go out and find that great object and then introduce it into your environment.”
– James Marinaccio in Art and Antiques, October 2001


Early to bed, early to rise – that is usually my motto.

I jumped in the car at 7:30am today and my first stop was at an old white building about an hour away from home in the town of Smith Falls. I walked inside, grabbed a number and wandered around for about an hour checking out all the display items ready to be auctioned off by Dave Reid.

There were quite a few speciality antiques and many collectibles including hockey memorabilia, vintage posters, photographs, knick-knacks, lamps, designer hats in fancy boxes and bottles. The place was jammed packed with people!

After assessing for a while my dad and I decided that even though there was a wicked selection, there was nothing worth sticking around for (for us in particular) so we headed down the street to Dan Peters auction which was home to mostly newer items. I am sorry to report I did not snag any older history pieces this holiday Monday however I did get some deals at Dan Peters and had a few chuckles.

I was at the auction from 10am-1pm today and learned that you can get some MEGA SAVINGS on small kitchen appliances, clothing and childrens toys at these auctions. It also was apparent that Dan Peters and the team have a great time doing what they do -Auctions.

I was sitting in my seat seeing all the numbers flying up and prices being called when I heard “s-t-e-a-m-e-r.”

After using the dryer for the past little while to de-wrinkle all my vintage clothes and remembering my Tobi Steamer is broken and I no longer have an iron – I threw my number in the air with no hesitation. After battling for a few seconds [what felt like forever] with a nice gentlemen – I won. My heart was racing and I realized why people go to auctions – that feeling of winning [and getting a deal] is powerful.

I ended up buying a brand new Rowenta Precision Valet 1550 Commercial Garmet Steamer valued at $189.95 for $47.00 taxes in. Woot Woot.

Moral of the story (for me today) is even though I am a collector of many things, I don’t settle and buy just for the sake of buying something. A piece has grab my attention, evoke a feeling of visual pleasure and make me feel something. When you see that item that is “just you” you picture where it will go in your space and there is usually no second guessing. Today I surprisingly just didn’t have “that feeling” for anything antique.

Looks like I will have less wrinkly vintage clothes and one less antique object in my house tonight. I am on the hunt for a big old box of jewellery this coming week – I will keep you posted on my findings.

P.S I booked a few days off next week from work and I am going on the road again. Stay tuned for my Dora the Explorer few days off. I will be embarking on antique and vintage quests and going to any place by car that I want to go. I will not be accompanied a purple backpack or a monkey but I promise you that it will rock.



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