Tip of the Week – Second Hand Clothing Shop (in Store) Like a Pro

shopsmartIt’s Thursday of long weekend and I am one happy girl. So happy I thought I would share a few of my tricks to second hand clothing shopping (in store) – like a BOSS.

Growing up in a house with four women including myself and one man [sorry dad] I found myself at a young age learning the value of a dollar and how to stretch it.

Since I could not always afford the latest and greatest items to hit store shelves or simpy did not want to lose what seemed to be countless days of saving to buy one sweater, I would run to my local thrift store to see what I could grab.

What is funny is that back then shopping at these sort of stores wasn’t super “cool” yet now-a-days it is all the rage. With talk comes competition and now these stores are full of people looking to find eclectic pieces on the cheap.

As a skilled professional in second hand shopping I thought I would relay some of my thrifty shopping practices just don’t tell everyone…

  1. Avoid searching for the good stuff – it is all by the change rooms: Everyone spends hours going through racks, why is this when people have already done the dirty work for you? Over by the change rooms is where all the good stuff is- labels and all. Chances are it just did not fit the person who found it. Check out the racks right by the dressing/change rooms first. Sometimes they (the try on with no success racks) are also scattered around the room and the employees are putting items back on the racks -don’t hesistate to look at those racks as well.
  2. Ask the floor sales person for the item(s) you are looking for: The people who stalk the floors have generally seen most of what is out there – they are your “in” to saving time and finding that funky piece you could of skimmed over.
  3. Check for pit stains: Most people spot the rips but not stains. I do not know how many times I walked out with arm-pit stained clothes. Now, I remember to start looking for that before I get to the check-out line.
  4. Don’t leave your good stuff in the cart: That 6 items per person thing never works for me truth me told always bring the good stuff in with you in the change room. Leaving your cart full of awesome things = people stealing it from you.
  5. Special Sales Days: If the store you frequent has special sales days (ex. one monday of the month) never go shopping the week after that day. Everything has been picked and the store needs to be regenerated with goods – just saying.

Guess who is hitting up some auctions this long weekend? Come back soon for tips on “How to Bargain Like There’s No Tomorrow.”


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