la crème de la crème – Vintage Clothing Stores Online

dreamstimefree_123388Wild Wednesday presents,

“I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.”
—Coco Chanel

Looking for la crème de la crème when it comes to vintage clothing shopping online? Having a vintage fashion dilemma? You have come to the right place where you can instantly get ready for that spring or summer social with just a few clicks.

I am talking about real vintage online stores – they aren’t “vintage inspired” they are “actual vintage.” Try one of these online shops on for size. Pick out a wild garment to add to your wardrobe. There is nothing more fun than gOiNg OuTsiDe of tHe BoX.

Etsy is the biggest and best bet for all things vintage. It has a wide and rustic selection just like eBay. They are both well known with excellent reputations.

Go goo-goo-ga-ga over the hand picked treasures at Adored Vintage.  One persons trash may be another persons treasure. Sweet Trash has a top quality collection of authentic apparel. If you like something sweet why not switch it up and try something salty or better yet pair it with pepper. Gary Pepper Vintage will add some spice to your closet.

There have been accolades galore for Vintage Vixen and I see why. They have an awesome variety of vintage clothing and accessoires. I like the “just arrived area” which featured some awesome men’s jackets tonight.

Vintage Couture comforts your high end cravings. Browse Dior and Chanel just to name a few and dress like the stars.

Surf straight from couture to rust. Rusty Zipper dresses both males and females. They are working on building the web’s largest single collection of vintage fashion. Do you feel like good will hunting? Shop Goodwill by looking under clothing.

Beyond Retro looks pretty extensive and also offers menswear. Note: shipping is between £3.95-£29.95. Learn more about this vintage legend. You can find a little bit of everything at MyMisi a handmade community. It all began with Misi (UK) where its all about making it and selling it.

Why not hit up Chelsea Girl for all your daytime and designer needs. Shipping is between $12-$28. I certainly Love Miss Daisy and will be exploring by decade real soon. Shipping is between £4.00-£30.

Fashion Dig has also got you covered with an assortment of fabric goodies. The last vintage stop (or site) is Mystique Vintage Clothing which has some very lady-like looks.

Boutique 1861 is the only site I am sharing that is inspired by vintage. It is not only close to my home (it is located in Montreal, Quebec) but carries some of the most beautiful items I have seen in a while. I always love to mix some new with something old.

Its okay if your knit picky there is tons of selective potential here.

Chow for now,




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