Musical Mondays: Catchy and Collectible Vinyl Records

Presentation1Musical Mondays presents,

The top catchy purchases [in my mind] for collectors keen on putting their money in vinyl records. Some of these fetch more than others but they are all good tunes to have in your record player -if you can find them.

1. SEX PISTOLS -God Save The Queen 1977:  This music makes me wanna jump around and play the drums.

2. HANK MOBLEY- Hank Mobley 1957: This Blue Note Label release is jazz at its finest. I never really listened to Hank before this week and now I am hooked on his soulful sounds. What an amazing jazz saxophonist! This is my personal #2 fav.

3. THE BEATLES- Please Please Me 1963:  Come on Come on, Come on, Come on, please, please me and listen to this song. Anything Beatles is very collectible in my mind but this 63 release is the best.

4. WIL MALONE- Wil Malone 1970: Ultra rare. Apparently it was only available for two months. One word, psychedelic. I have a couple friends who would find this their cup of tea.

5. THE ROLLING STONES – The Rolling Stones 1964: Some firm rock sound! Just like the Beatles anything Rolling Stones goes.

6. LED ZEPPELIN -Led Zeppelin 1969: I listened to this full album tonight. Feels like a fusion of heavy rock with the blues. This is my personal #1 fav.

7. BOB DYLAN’S “THE FREEWHEELIN’ BOB DYLAN” album (1963): Some of the best songs ever! This is my personal #3 fav.

8. PINK FLOYD -A SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS 1967: Excellent album! Seems like some solid relaxing music.

9. BLACK SABBATH – MASTER OF REALITY 1971: My dad would be proud to see this one the list! I had to add it. Tonight I listened to the full album via my good friend You Tube and I must say this is some catchy stuff.

10. ACETATE LP by VELVET UNDERGROUND and NICO (1966): Quite interesting music, I must say. Sold for 25K on eBay recently.

Some honourable mentions:

ELVIS PRESLEY’S “GOOD LUCK CHARM” SINGLE (1962) and ELVIS PRESLEY’S “STAY AWAY, JOE” promotional album (1967): If you are an Elvis fan I am sure you have played these songs before.

DR Z -THREE PARTS TO MY SOUL 1971: One of the most rare ” Vertigo Swirls”. Only 60-75 sold. An excellent add-on to any prog rock music collection.

THE OPEN MIND- THE OPEN MIND 1969: This is a great example of the scarce LP. Tons of rhythm.

AGINCOURT FLY AWAY – 1970:  Just 99 copies were ever pressed. Some good piano playing and soft singing here.

MR MAGIC Kazoo’s – DANCE TO THE DRUMMER’S BEAT 1982: Beats, beats and more beats. Some catchy party music.

FRANK WILSON’S – DO I LOVE YOU?” (1965): Some soul!

This is my music list above. Don’t fret if your personal preference didn’t make the list – the list goes on…

P.S Popsike is a superb site to visit to get a better idea of what your records are worth. Happy reading and listening readers!

Good Night,


7 thoughts on “Musical Mondays: Catchy and Collectible Vinyl Records

  1. Each time I order and try to sell valuable records, I can’t get offers anywhere close to what
    the blogs suggest. -why do you think this is. I’ll appreciate your best advice, please.

    1. Hello,

      I have been learning about records more recently and based on my experiences and what I have been told over the years these are my thoughts below. I agree that sometimes what you may see (flagged as suggested sale price) is not what you get in your pocket at the end of the day. There are so many items at play…

      The condition of the record, rarity and finding the right “type of buyer” are the three most important things. I will also relay that marketing and advertising strategy also plays into selling something with great success.

      The condition of a record may dictate the kind of buyer you may be attracting and the kind of money you will be getting:

      You may be able to value a record but the condition of the record will affect it’s ultimate resale value and captive audience. People that are going to dish out the good money for a collectors item want it to be in MINT condition. People will always offer less for poor-moderate condition because they likely are not the person that is looking for the MINT collectors item but just want to add a record to their day to day collection.

      Timing is everything when selling a record:

      The rarity of an item will add it how valuable it is. First pressings always do best. The serial number will help with assessing this and provide you with the information you need. Popularity, acquisition and timing are another thing that aids in a great sale. Say you own a Michael Jackson record then MJ unfortunately passes away your item may just go back to the top of people’s must have lists. There is the trigger to listen to his music again, fans want to own something that reminds them of him etc. Not only this but consider what kind of a market you are selling in…are times good or are times bad? Market conditions may flex and as you know popular items change everyday.

      Who is buying from you:

      The type of buyer is the most important thing to consider. There are people who buy albums to listen to them regularly ex. at their houses parties etc. and then there are people who hold there records dear – they may never play them. Then you have dealers/resellers themselves who want to buy things to purely make a profit off them. The line is blurred between a collector and music fan. You can usually pick out a dealer quite easily.

      Lastly I host my own sales quite often so I know that a profitable sale comes from finding the right buyer or the right buyer finding you, sometimes it is just luck. How you position your product can make all the difference. People buy records and most things based on an emotion -the dollar amount comes second. If you sell something that evokes and emotion its a ton easier than focusing on the price. People like to hear stories not sale pitches… “Remember that time you were jumping on your bed listening to that awesome record, I sure do.”

      Hope this helps,


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