There’s an app for that!

Apps Presentation1Take a break Tuesdays presents, THERE IS AN APP FOR THAT!

On the run and looking for a fast app for your phone that may help you with pricing an antique or vintage item? Or are you looking to learn a bit more about that furniture find you just stuffed in your truck?

Stop spending loads of time searching and check out these apps.

The word app is short for “application” and the apps I am pertaining to in this post are software programs most utilized on a mobile device or smartphone such as BlackBerry, Android and/or iPhone. Some of these apps may work for desktop too. See links for further app details.

Furniture Styles: A handy app to help identify the style of antique furniture from your desktop or mobile device (android). Features a user friendly interface and many types (era specific) of furniture as well as styles. This app looks real detailed and interesting. Located at the Amazon App Store here.

Whats it worth?: Do you have many antiques and collectibles lying around? Do you want to figure out what they are worth! With this app you can upload a photo of your item and get some feedback.

Official eBay Android App : I use eBay all the time to assist with pricing items after I buy them. It also has a great search engine and is a great place to uncover and buy items from. I have only heard great things from people that have purchased from eBay. Now you can do all this from the comfort of your own phone.

Etsy: The Esty app has had some enhancements over the past little while. They also have a very comprehensive website. Visit the Antiques area or Vintage spot on Etsy. Similar to eBay – I use this to help me price items or better describe them.

For a little bit of fun check out the Antiques Roadshow Play-along. Think you know the value of an object? Time to confirm if you are an antiques expert by playing along with BBCs Antiques Roadshow.

I am going to add these guys to my phone this week. I will report back if there is anything more to app, I mean add.

Make antique and vintage research fun today!


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