Antique & Collectible Lovers Mark Your Calendars (Ottawa, ON)


Classy flyer I found advertising the upcoming Ottawa Antique Show

Cross off your calendar dates ladies and gents! Ottawa has many antique events coming up and I want you to know about them. The worst thing is not knowing and missing out on that perfect piece and history lesson.

The Antique & Collectible Show (Sale) at Billings Bridge Shopping Centre 

Yesterday afternoon I was at Billings Bridge Shopping Centre and stumbled upon a market on the main floor near the mall entrance.

Every now and then they have vendors in this open space selling various items but today I could smell something different, antiques & collectibles were in the air. What I saw in my mad dash? Stunning vintage brooches, smaller military medals as well as coins & paper money.

I dashed over to all the exhibits as fast as I could as they were closing and noted after a few conversations that most all the antique vendors here were special in the sense that they only sold at markets and did not have their own stores. I couldn’t obtain any websites for you but I am happy to report that though the show is over for the month of March it will be returning in June and October of this year. Mark your calendars antique lovers!

Informative take-away

The Antique & Collectible Show (Sale) will be back a Billings on June 2-7th and October 14-18th. I will be sure to send out an event reminder one week prior or have my milestone clock up (with event dates) on this site.

On my way out of the sale I was captivated by one item, it was a yellow glass (crystal) door handle paperweight. Remember fellow antique and vintage lovers if you find something you love and it makes an impression on you it is best to buy it. Nobody likes going home and thinking about that stand out object they passed up.

The Ottawa Antique Show (Sale) at Carleton University

Before I exit I wanted to say grab some friends and don’t forget to hit up The Ottawa Antique Show next weekend.

After both of these events I will have the rundown of the all the majesty.

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